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Francisco Frutos’ Speech on 29th October 2017, Barcelona

Let me use for a moment the adversary’s language. I am a botifler [a traitor to Catalonia]. I am a traitor against to the lies, to the stories you make up every day, from the 1714 story [see point 1 here] to everything else. I am a botifler against the racism you are creating, the identitary racism. I am a botifler against the sectarian dogmatism that you preconize, apply or try to apply to the entire Catalan society. And I am also a botifler because I will never justify corruption or corrupt schemes, not here nor there; whether are mine or yours —none.

What can I say of people that sends 17-year-old boys and girls, and younger, to rally through Barcelona bearing a banner that reads: “No to Francoism”, with everyone’s picture and Franco’s. This is despicable, very despicable. Coming back to the botifler term: you are the real botiflers. Because you betray the working people, because you pit people against each other with no reason at all, because you smash liberty, democracy and the voice of anyone who thinks different than you.

Allow me a piece of advice, as a friend. Stop it. Go back to the seny [a Catalan term for “common sense”]. Do not make people feel more anguish, to suffer more plights, to feel deceived for everything they had been defending all these years. Stop this. Put an end to this, put an end to all this lies and the hatred, because you know how these things start, but not how it ends. All kinds of nationalisms. Let me to recommend you a book, though might be out of point, a book by Stefan Zweig about the onset of I World War. That optimism, that nationalism present in the towns, about how they were going to defeat the others. Twenty or thirty million dead. Europe destroyed. And so we have continued. Nationalisms destroy the world, destroy the heart: both large nationalisms and little ones. I speak to you, in conclusion, on behalf of individuals, groups, organizations of the plural left not nationalist. And I do so accusing the accomplice left-wing, that claiming it is not nationalist, follows nationalists and play into their game. What is this left doing? Why it is not here, with the real left, which is here?

Salvador Espriu said [in Catalan]: “Diverse are the men and diverse are the languages, and they will converge in one single love”. And Antonio Machado said: “A love (speaking about Catalonia and Barcelona) that converses and reasons. Wise and old. Dialogue and presence”. To finish, Intellectuals, artists, I would ask you to believe, with the great poets we have, to not be iterative with the «Long Live Spain», which is fine; but let there be any other songs, because many poets have sung to Spain and Catalonia. And they are ours, they are our poets. Go ahead, fellows!


[1] Francisco Frutos Gras (Calella, Barcelona, 6 September 1939) is a Spanish politician who was, from 1998 until 2009, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE).[1]

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