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“Spain is stealing from us”

Excerpts from «El golpe posmoderno. 15 lecciones para el futuro de la democracia», a book by Daniel Gascón, 20018, Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial.

Collected by Juan Claudio de Ramón. Excerpts from Chapter 9:  «El discreto encanto del supremacismo«

Spain is stealing from us”.

—Alfons López Tena, Solidaritat per la Independència.

The Spanish state harasses us”.

—Carme Forcadell, Catalan National Assembly, later the speaker of the Catalan Parliament.

The subsidized Spain lives at the productive Catalonia’s expense”.

—Jordi Turull, Convergence and Union (CiU).

No one pays taxes in Andalusia”.

—Joan Puigcercós, Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC).

Corruption in Catalonia is a product of the Spanishation of the country in the recent decades”.

—Salvador Cardús, Advisory Council for the National Transition.

Those parents [who pursue bilingual education] are mistreating their children”.

—Muriel Casals, Òmnium Cultural.

Spaniards are Spaniards, and just because they are Spaniards, they are crooks”.

—Joan Oliver, former TV3 director.

Stealing is the only thing Spaniards can do”.

—Joaquim Torra, Born Cultural director, later Òmnium Cultural leader.

Death to the Bourbon [the Spanish king]!”.

—Joan Tardà, ERC.

Catalonia is under a cultural genocide”.

—Josep Maria Terricabras, ERC.

Spain is a historic abnormality, in an authoritarian spirit”.

—Ferran Mascarell, Catalan Socialist Party.

Sponsor an Extremaduran child —the 8.7% of Catalan GDP is not enough for him”.

—Lluís Sunyé, Initiative for Catalonia Greens (ICV).

People’s Party (PP) and Citizens (C’s) seek to eliminate Catalonia with an imperialist mindset”.

—Francesc Homs, CiU.

Our closest ally is the Spanish DNA, because they can not help the dictatorial, imposing, bad tempered attitude of a civil guard”.

—Xavier Sala i Martín, economist.

The Castilian people carry in their genes the natural embrace of being subordinates. That has not changed and never will”.

—Josep Manel Ximenis, CUP’s mayoral candidate for Arenys de Munt.

Encouraging parents to call for bilingualism is an act of war”.

—Francesc-Marc Àlvaro, columnist at La Vanguardia.

They want to break our legs”.

—Artur Mas, President of the Generalitat.

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